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Christmas Training Camp, Pataias, Portugal PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 December 2008 19:22


If you want to be a top class orienteer, the "usual" trainings are not good enough. To develope safe and resistant o-skills, you need to focus on your competition behaviour. And that´s something what can never be done while running in a slow speed and relaxed. This is why we nowadays run most of the training sessions at the map camps with a competition attitude.


Such an intensive training races should not be long - between 20 and 40 minutes. Then it´s secured, that the runners will recover and will be able to push hard even in following sessions.


The total effect coming out from one training run is based on more than just the run with the map itself. Every session consists of

 - explanation what should be done

 - selfmotivation and mental preparation (what is the purpose of the training? what are the critical features? how will I run it?)

 - run

 - follow-up, analysis, feedback.


It has no sense to run a map training without proper focus. The effect of such approach is more or less negative.



The programme of the camp consists of mostly very intensive exercises. It is both physically and mentally demanding, but on the other hand it might be very funny, including a lot of competing and contact orienteering. The areas are mostly well runnable making the run really pleasant. Hopefully you´ll find the courses challenging and inspiring.


Some changes will certainly occur as everything was prepared from a rather big distance ;)


Good luck & enjoy!



26      (1) combined session

27      (2) middle Q+F

         (3) memory, contours & sprint

28      (4) start loops

            (5) butterfly chasing start

         (6) night-O

29      (7) run in pairs - relocations

         (8) relay along path

30      (9) long distance


(bold sessions are to be run in competition or higher speed 


 1º Dia de treinos, dia 26 de Dezembro, Sexta-Feira

                                           session 1L



This is a typical "welcome training". While jogging on the line, you are forced to check all the typical features and get friendly with the mapping style. Also marking the flag positions to the map makes you get into details and improve your map understanding. At the end of the session there is a possibility to use your gained knowledge in practise - at the short sprint try to do your best and beat the others. However, don´t forget, that orienteering, even if extremely short, is navigation above all, not just running.


map scale: 1:7.500, E 2.5m

speed: jogging in part1, competition speed at sprint

you need: SI-card, pen


part 1:

Line O (2.3, 3.0, 3.8km) - low tempo; run precisely according the line in a map; when having found the control flag - draw its position exactly in the map

Tresury Hunt - jogg through the marked area and try to find all of 7 control flags placed on various objects; draw the position of the flags to the map

Don´t stop by the flags, don´t show them to the others, behave discreetly! 



You can start either with Line-O or Tresury Hunt, it doesn´t matter - however, the line should not be crowded.


part 2:

SI-sprint (1.5km) - a short course with a butterfly which gives 2 alternatives; punch both at the start and at the finish; start interval at least 40 seconds between different alternatives


Mapa com os 3 percursos


Fiz 1º o Tresury Hunt, para poder entrar melhor no mapa, fiz, 1370 metros e demorei 12,05 minutos a encontrar os 7 pontos e a identificar o seu local exacto no terreno.

De seguida fiz o Line O, correu bem mas confundi uma reentrancia, foi apenas o meu erro, tambem encontrei os pontos todos.

Fiz, 3260 metros e 30,55 minutos.

Para finalizar fiz o Sprint, não cometi erros, fiz, 1560 metros e 7,50 minutos.

 2º dia de treinos, dia 27 de Dezembro, Sabado

                                           session 2



A simulation of real competition. Consists of 2 parts: In qualification, you start in a row with other runners, you meet other runners during the race - it is necessary to focus on your race only and do it safe way. In the final you can push a bit more - but still aware of what you are doing. Sometimes, the final is run with tired legs, the feeling is not easy, but it is same for everyone. 


map scale: 1:10.000

speed: competition

you need: SI card, compass, description holder


middle qualification

 - men 3.1km, 3 groups, women 2.5km, 2 groups

 - starting interval 1 minute


Mapa da Qualificação da Media


A prova correu mais ou menos, cometi pequenos erros e alguns desvios, fiz 3620 metros e 20,58 minutos, fui o 2º da minha serie.


middle final

 - men A, men B 4.9km (but different courses)

 - women A, women B 3.6km (same course)

 - starting interval 90 sec.


Mapa da Final A

Fiz muito boa prova, 5200 metros e 27,04 minutos, fiquei em 5º na geral.


                                           session 3



Combined session which will challenge and develope your technical skills.


you need: SI card, compass



part 1: memory

 - 1.6km

 - map scale 1:10.000

 - try to learn each leg by hard and run it then just on memory

 - this exercise makes you pick up the most important features and set a safe tactic

 - slow speed - spare your energy


Mapa do treino de memoria


part 2: circulation

 - 2.7km

 - map scale 1:5.000

 - slow speed - spare your energy

 - this special map is modified so that it is impossible to see the north - you can not use the compass

 - without compass you are forced to read the map properly and run on the curves only

 - if you get totally lost, turn around the map and try to relocate at the "memory part" map


Mapa do treino "Circulation"


part 3: sprint

 - 2.4km

 - map scale 1:4.000

 - speed: fast

 - in fact it is a butterfly - 2 loops from the same start

 - many green areas - read the map properly, change the speed and do leg planning (requests more complex approach than "white" forest)


Mapa do Sprint


3º dia de treinos, Domingo 28 de Dezembro



                                           session 4



The first moments of the race are very risky. Coming from calm status into a very excited action, everything must be still under control. This session focuses on gaining a routine and correct approach to the very first steps in your race.


map scale: 1.10.000

speed: very fast with the map; jogg/walk in between

you need: SI card, compass



 - 8 short loops (0.4-0.7km each)

 - 4 different starts

 - sequence:

  • clear SI card
  • take one of the maps, don´t look at the course!
  • punch start unit at the road crossing and start running towards the right start flag (H2 means "loop H, start no. 2"); at the same moment start reading the map


  • run the course as fast as possible; punch the finish unit
  • jogg back to the road crossing
  • read out
  • clear your SI card
  • rest for about 1 minute
  • repeat with a next loop...


(!) keep the alphabetic sequence of the loops (e.g. if you start with C, next loop will be D, then E,F,G,H and then A,B)


system (on each map there will be just one course):


All the loop-times counted together will make a result list.




            0:05:19 0:02:58     0:25:03 0:08:17 0:04:09
            0:04:27 0:03:19     0:26:52 0:10:06 0:05:03



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